Monday, June 22, 2009

Whooping Cough really makes it hard to run

Yes, I'm 34 and have whooping cough or pertussis, since I should be using my medical terminolgy. I had it when I was 19 and honestly have probably had it several times in between but went undiagnosed. I have sensitive lungs according to my doc.

Even though I have estentially taking time off since completing the battle, I have been trying to stay active. I rode my bike for the first time in two years this past week. We hit the trails at Boca, and while it was only 3 miles of riding, there was lots of hills and plenty of rocky paths to navigate. I think it was a great first ride. And the little Yox girls had a blast. Following behind Daddy in the double trailer you could hear them squeal with delight as he went down hills and over bumps, what a great ride for the entire family. And did Imentuion the sore butt... two days of sore butt, yes it's been awhile.

Today, our first day home, Ky was too sick to go to kids club at the gym, so I put her in the Bob and took off for the neighborhood loop. On my own I typically do the 1 mile loop twice and run all of the flat and downhill portions and portions of the uphill and walk the rest of the uphill. Today I found I could only do the loop once and couldn't run as much of the uphill as I normally do. Between the cough and warmer weather , I was "put a fork in me, I'm done". Despite whooping cough, I must continue as I have the Moraga 4th of July run in less than 2 weeks, and as my friend Kirsten calls it "the kid haul". Yes, I'll be pushing at least 80 pounds of kid and stroller for the two mile run. So must preapre as much as I can.

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