Monday, August 18, 2014

All things lead to triathlon

It's been a face paced summer filled with swim team practice, meets, tennis and dog walking. Nothing brings me greater joy than watching my kids swim and watching the improvements that come from all of their hard work. It's not difficult for the six year old to put in the effort everyday and sometimes twice a day. Convincing the nine year old that improvements are a result of hard work during practice was slightly more difficult. I'm proud to say that for the last two weeks of swim team she worked really hard and saw some huge improvements in the championship meet. 

Here are some highlights from the summer season.
Swim sherpas spend lots of time holding towels, parkas and flip flops

Our coaches spend most of the summer leading awesome cheers

The typical summer scenery

Kylie's backstroke start started looking really good

She got to swim on a lot of relays, even one that earned a gold time!

Sydney had an excellent summer as well

Sydney's butterfly progressed beautifully
So much so that she earned a bronze time in fly at the championship meet

Lots of parental cheering
Lots of parental hugs

Lots of hair care

I love that the kids had such a great summer and learned the lesson that good things come from hard work. Kylie wants to continue with fall swimming since she is concerned that she is moving up an age group for next summer and she really wants a gold time. Sydney wants to pursue more tennis and running in the fall. 
The awesome part is that both girls decided they wanted to do a triathlon in two weeks. I'm so proud of them for doing new things even if they are scary. So for the next two weeks, I'll be helping them "train" for a triathlon as I begin my owning triathlon training program.