Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CPOA Memorial Run

This is the first time I have ever done two 5k's back to back. I passed up this run last year because it's a trail run and at the time I had never done a trail run. Thanks to a few races with Brazen I felt confident. And since Scott was on vacation and the run benefits the California Peace Officers Association, it was a must for us.

It started out with some confusion over start times. CPOA was advertising a 9am start for both the 5k and 10k but On Your Mark was advertising 9am for the 10k and 9:45am for the 5k. Much to my disappointment the 5k started at 9:45am. I am not accustomed to starting a race that late in the morning, so at about 9:30am my stomach was grumbling and it was getting warm at Shadow Cliffs. Although it was fun to get to see the first 10k runners coming in before our start. Before we knew it we were off. Two minutes into the run you face the largest hill on the course, um, way to wear me out before I even get started. I sucked it up and ran up the entire hill. The course was a series of rolling hills with some flat stretches. I was able to run up about half of the hills and was sure to take advantage of the downhill portions by running all of those. There were about 3 other woman that I played cat and mouse with through out the course. The course looped around quite a bit, so it was difficult for me to get an idea of how much further I had. As we approached what I was guessing was the last hill, one of the women I had been playing cat and mouse with was at my side, she looked like she was going to run up the entire hill (which was about the equivalent of the first hill), I said to myself if she runs up it, so am I! And we did, we even managed a conversation as we ran up the hill (that was a first for me!) I felt a huge sigh of relief as we reached the top and then saw the finish line and the large downhill. Once again, I took advantage of the downhill and left my buddy behind. All of a sudden I hit pavement, my body has never been so relieved to hit pavement. As we came around the bathrooms a husband dropped into the run his wife in, this was another woman I had been back and forth with. Damn, they passed me. As we reached the grass, I knew it was now or never, I sprinted like I have never sprinted before, I passed her and her husband and crossed the finish line strong. This is evidenced in the photo that On Your Mark captured of me crossing the finish line, I obviously did not care about what I looked like as I crossed, so I will spare myself the humiliation, you'll just have to take my word for it.

28/74 in my age group. Scott came in 4th in his AG, so close to the podium! I'm going with my time of 36:17 as OYM doesn't chip time, and I don't think their time is accurate :)

We finished up the race with BBQ from Outback, which tasted so good! And it was a great day of networking for my own upcoming event.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Devil Mountain Run 5k

Running a 5k the morning after your daughter's 2nd Birthday Party seems a bit ambitious and that's exactly how I was feeling this morning. Luckily, they mailed us our race bibs and timing chips so we were able to roll in about 30 minutes prior to the start and we were fine.

What we love about the Devil Mountain Run is that it is family oriented, well run, supports Children's Hospital and oh yeah, it's FAST and FLAT! This is our third year running the race and I'll admit it, I love it because it was my very first ever 5k.

With over 700 runners and the 5k and 10k starting together, the start line is a little crazy and most people don't pay attention to the sign markers guiding you where to start based on your speed. Scott had the disadvantage of the double stroller, while I was able to to maneuver through the crowd, I crossed the start line 30 seconds after the gun went off and Scott a full minute after the gun went off. We run for about a block before we hit the split, the 5k runners make a left, as we made this turn I look over to my right and see Scott running at a ridiculous speed pushing the stroller trying to get past all of us slow folks. The looks on the face of the two Search and Rescue guys was priceless. I'm sure they thought they would peeling him off the pavement about a mile down the road.

I found a nice pace and was able to keep my heart rate at a nice easy level. I knew I would be running slower than in past years, but I had to just get over the fact my life as a working Mom these days was not allowing the running time I would really like to be able to get in. As we hit the turn-around point, I felt good and was happy with the pace I had found. I took a cup of water at the aid station and walked briefly to drink it, I'm just not skilled at running and drinking, even at a walk I managed to spill water all over my watch. No time to waste since I was running a slow pace,  I ditched my cup ( I feel so guilty every time I throw a cup on the ground at race) and started running again. At this point we are running on the Iron Horse Trail and I see the 2 mile marker, that's good news! I work on just maintaining my pace and hope that I have something left for the finish line. Before I know it we cross an intersection and I can hear the finish line. By this point lots of people have filled the sides of the chute as we come in. there really is no one behind me or in front of me to help give me that final inspiration at the finish line, but I suck it up and sprint across the finish line anyway!

Crossing the finish line
41/87 in my age group, top half of the group

Mom and Sydney waiting for the kids run to start

Dad and his girls.
I am so proud of Scott who finished 5th in his AG while doing the Kid Haul, a PR from last years kids haul!

We very much encourage the every child is a winner attitude, but um yeah... Sydney came in first in her heat!

very pleased with herself.

Next up, CPOA Memorial Run next Saturday!