Monday, February 21, 2011

What am I doing?

Since it seems that in order for me to accomplish any physical activity I need a plan, I've been working on a plan. In two weeks I will start my 10k training plan. I had hoped there would be enough time in between the stair climb and my 10k that I could start training for the 10k after the stair climb leaving a few weeks to just focus on climbing 52 flights of stair. However, when I looked at the calendar today, I realized that wasn't possible. The new plan is to incorporate my stair climbing on cross training days of the 10k program and hope that works well for me. My Training Peaks calendar is loaded and ready to start training and hopefully in the next two weeks I can practice the general rhythm of the training days and be ready to rock and roll after I return from San Diego and the Finish Chelsea's Run.

In more of an effort to embrace my inner runner I recently purchased a display for my race medals. I saw these at the expo is Las Vegas but their booth was jam packed and I couldn't get anywhere near it, wasn't like I had room to fit it in my suitcase anyway. I recently bit the bullet and ordered one. Scott was kind enough to hang the hardware for me and I got to placing my medals on the display. I'm really happy with it and it's a nice reminder of my accomplishments and to keep at it. Don't tell Sydney but I ordered her the exact same one in pink for her birthday since she has a nice collection of her own race medals accumulating.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trying to find a routine

The week started off god with two short runs on Monday and Tuesday along the Alameda Shoreline. Although, what I realized on Monday was that I am not condition to run in warm weather at all. I ran 1.15 miles to map out a possible walk route for my event in October, it was about 70 degree's out, and that short run just about wiped me out. I started thinking I may be in trouble in three weeks when I fly to San Diego for the Inaugural Finish Chelsea's Run 5k.  I'm guessing it will be warm in San Diego and I'm thinking I might just melt since I have become accustomed to running in the cold and rain.

Since I was not able to get in any other workouts this week until today and since rain is on the horizon for next week, I thought today might be my only chance to get some warm weather running in before San Diego. Wrong, it was 38 degree's when I reached Moraga Commons and the Lafayette-Moraga Regional trail. The 1st mile of the trail is mostly in the shade and really very cold. My lungs immediately started to protest the cold and this little tickle of a cough that I have had almost all winter started to be more productive. All of a sudden my thought completely shut down and made it nearly impossible to swallow or to breathe. I'm starting to wonder how I ever 13 miles. Finally on my turn around I'm starting to feel somewhat better but still not awesome. And just as I'm starting to realize that I am warming up and my throat is opening up a bit I realize I only 1/2 mile a to go and I'm entering the densely tree covered portion of the trail and the temperature drops.

Not exactly the run I had hoped for today, but I have a million things to do today and I had to get it done early, otherwise I would have found an excuse to not get it done. And now, of course, it's a lovely 70 degree's.