Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trying to find a routine

The week started off god with two short runs on Monday and Tuesday along the Alameda Shoreline. Although, what I realized on Monday was that I am not condition to run in warm weather at all. I ran 1.15 miles to map out a possible walk route for my event in October, it was about 70 degree's out, and that short run just about wiped me out. I started thinking I may be in trouble in three weeks when I fly to San Diego for the Inaugural Finish Chelsea's Run 5k.  I'm guessing it will be warm in San Diego and I'm thinking I might just melt since I have become accustomed to running in the cold and rain.

Since I was not able to get in any other workouts this week until today and since rain is on the horizon for next week, I thought today might be my only chance to get some warm weather running in before San Diego. Wrong, it was 38 degree's when I reached Moraga Commons and the Lafayette-Moraga Regional trail. The 1st mile of the trail is mostly in the shade and really very cold. My lungs immediately started to protest the cold and this little tickle of a cough that I have had almost all winter started to be more productive. All of a sudden my thought completely shut down and made it nearly impossible to swallow or to breathe. I'm starting to wonder how I ever 13 miles. Finally on my turn around I'm starting to feel somewhat better but still not awesome. And just as I'm starting to realize that I am warming up and my throat is opening up a bit I realize I only 1/2 mile a to go and I'm entering the densely tree covered portion of the trail and the temperature drops.

Not exactly the run I had hoped for today, but I have a million things to do today and I had to get it done early, otherwise I would have found an excuse to not get it done. And now, of course, it's a lovely 70 degree's.

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