Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kid Haul Training Day 1

Well, I only had one kid to trail with this morning since the other one is at school. So Ky, myself and the Bob headed out just after 9am to try and beat the heat. Instead of ding my 1 mile loop twice, I figured I would go down my street and back up, which is 2 miles round trip. And it is literally all downhill and than all uphill on the way back. I ran down the street, my favorite part! turned around at the end and had to negotiate this poor woman twice as she was trying to back into her driveway and doing a very poor job of it and using both lanes of traffic to attempt it. We than ran about 2 blocks back up the street before I decided I would walk the remainder of the way. The lungs were feeling much better today in comparison to Monday's run. And it must have been a nice jaunt since Ky feel asleep on the way back home.

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