Friday, June 12, 2009

BR VIII Awards Dinner

Last night was the awards dinner. We arrived a little late just as Gary was getting ready to hand out the first awards. We squeezed into a table with Tami (MD Trainer), her husband and a few other people I had never met before. Scott was a good sport and thankfully because there were only about 40 participants this year the awards were not ridiculously long. It was amazing to hear what some folks accomplished during the 8 weeks and makes me want to do it again next year to see what further accomplishments I can achieve. We happened to be sitting next to a team member of Huck the Fuskies, pleased to know that he was a U of O Graduate, he and Scott had lots to talk about. He also happened to rake up lots of awards! He had knee surgery during the battle and days after surgery came in and did final testing on the leg curl and increased his weight by 40 pounds, earning him an Iron Man Award. For the second year I received an Ultra Elite Award in Body Composition. An Ultra Elite is awarded to anyone who achieves 8% or more body fat loss, I achieved 9.03% body fat loss. As always, it was an exciting a fun night. I may even have convinced Scott to compete next year, it is hard to believe I'll have to wait an entire year to do it again!

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