Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The wheels keep on turning

Today marked my third day of running with intervals. Before I arrived at the park I had the idea of trying to increase my run intervals to 3 minutes, however I completely forgot about this when I arrived at the park and found a huge group of walkers assembling. By huge, I mean at least 40 people. It became obvious that I needed to get on trail as quickly as possible before this group did. Needless to say, I completely forgot to adjust my intervals on my Garmin before I headed out. Which turned out to be no big deal as I listened to my body and continued running a little further into my walk intervals went it felt okay to do so. This resulted in an over 2 minute time decrease from last Thursday's 3 mile run. The bulk of my run times were 10 minutes or less and for the most part I felt pretty good. I no longer feel devastated about what my body can or can not do and I felt brave enough to even tell my husband today what my goals are for 2013! I'm not sure who was more scared of that admission him or me! 

I think there is a common misconception with stay-at-home Mom's that we have all of this free time on our hands. I find myself having to turn down a lot of things because there just isn't enough time in the day and I think some people wonder what the hell I'm doing. Today is a perfect example of my average day. I woke up around 6:30am and checked email and Facebook and all that fun stuff from bed. I try to stay in bed until at least 7pm so that I don't wake the kids up before 7am. At 7am the kids start to wake and I make them breakfast and the getting ready routine begins. By 7:50am we are out the door headed to drop off my 1st grader for an 8am start time. My three year old and I head back home and putz around until it's time to drop her off at 9am. This time is usually spent with her having a second breakfast while I respond to emails and catch up on any volunteer work for the school that can be done from home. After I drop off my youngest at preschool I dash back home to gather all of my running supplies, phone, headphones, running belt, recovery drink etc. I then headed back to the 1st graders school to volunteer in the Library for a 1/2 an hour. After I leave the school I head to my local park to hit the trail and get in whatever run I need to get in for the day. In today's case it was 3 miles. After proper recovery, stretching and consuming my recovery beverage I head over to the grocery store to stock up and hit my favorite cafe to grab a latte before heading home to put away all the groceries. At this point I have about 20 minutes left to consume my latte and check more email and Facebook etc. Before I now it's noon and I have to go pick up the three year old to bring her home and make lunch. While she eats lunch I prep my lunch get a call into the hubby where we discuss all of life's important details (because lord knows that can't be done in the evening when the children are vying for his attention) and the consume my lunch. So, here I sit at 1:43pm typing up a quick blog post before we got o pick up my 6 year old at 1:55pm to come back home and do the afternoon snacks and homework routine before I have to start thinking about dinner plans.

Just to note, the 3 year old only goes to preschool on Tuesday and Thursday's, so every other day she's with me. So, yes I'm a SAHM, but no, I don't have a lot of free time on my hands!


  1. I'm with you! I stayed home all the years my kids were growing up and now that they are adults, I still don't have a lot of free time :) Great job getting your runs in!

  2. I would never think you have a ton of free time - i see how much running around my mom does to get 5 kids to schools, appointments, swim practices, etc! It takes dedication to fit the runs into your life!

    I do need to try to figure out a time to get up your way to meet up for lunch or something though...