Saturday, February 25, 2012

How I got here

It's difficult to put into words how excited I am to have been chosen as a TriSports Champion. My first experience with TriSports was when I was looking for compression tights to purchase. My friend Molly suggested I check out TriSports for some Zoot Compression Tights. It was right before Christmas and I ended up getting a great price on them. When my much anticipated package arrived (really, who ever thought I would run down the UPS driver for a pair of compression tights) my invoice had a hand written note that said "Thank you Meredith!". This small personal touch made my day, I do a lot of online shopping and can honestly say that I have never received a hand written thank you on my invoice. Also included was a Karma Coupon, it said go volunteer at a local race and enjoy a discount on my next purchase. I was liking this company already.

A month later after about 3 wears of my compression tights one of the seams ripped. I was devastated because these tights are awesome and were really helping with my long run recovery process. I contacted Zoot who said they had a warranty on seams and I just needed to exchange them through TriSports. TriSports was awesome, not only did they send me a label for return shipping but they were also kind enough to include what my original purchase order number was since I no longer had my invoice. TriSports immediately sent out a replacement pair and I was back in business. When I come across a company who has such excellent service I really like to not only continue sending my business there but letting my friends know as well.

Shortly after this TriSports started tweeting and posting on Facebook about their Champions program and asking people to apply. That would be cool I thought, but I'm not a triathlete (at least not yet) so I  probably wouldn't be what they are looking for. But they also said how important community was and giving back. Well, I volunteer at local races because it's just as fun as actually racing and I did coach a team of 6 year old girls to run their first 5k. So while I have never podiumed in anything (except for that one cool first responders category) I am involved in the community and I do network at a lot of these events having had a previous career in non-profit events. I thought about it for days and reminding myself that nothing is ever earned by sitting around and thinking about it and I would never know the answer unless I applied.

As it turns out, TriSports thought I would make a great Champion! It's truly such an honor to have been selected and it makes me want to do more and accomplish more because someone knows I can.

With that being said, check out my new race addition for May 20th. 


  1. Can I just squeeeeeeeeeeee for every bit of that? :-) Especially the last part!

  2. It's ALL your fault so you can squeeeee as much as you like :)