Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stair climbing and soreness

Now I know why I desperately try to avoid getting sick. This would be because it stays in my lungs for what seems like forever. I've been at some level of illness for 3 weeks. I still have to take cough syrup at nigh so I can fall asleep without having a coughing fit. My lungs only allow for about 10 minutes of running before they just give up on me. So today's cardio consisted of 10 minutes of running and 25 minutes of walking.

After talking to a friend who is doing on of those American Lung Association stair climb events and my brief experience on the stair climber at the gym, I've decided to incorporate that into my cardio routine. It started on Tuesday when I promised myself I wold take the stairs all day at the hospital. by the end of my 3 hour shift I had gone up/down about 30 flights of stairs. I'm sure the folks on 4E wondered what my problem since I came back winded after every trip to the lab on the first floor. I expected to be really sore yesterday, but I wasn't. No, that soreness of course popped up today. Nothing I couldn't work through, and it felt good like an accomplishment.

So today after completing my strength training I decided to tackle the stair climber again. Ouch, maybe I should nor have done the leg press before getting on the stair climber. I seem to only last about 7.5 minutes before my cardiovascular system says ENOUGH! Seriously, my heart was just as high doing the stair climber as it was on my run. So my goal is to be able to stay on the stair climber just a little more at each visit to the gym.

And hopefully my lungs will make a return soon.

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  1. Great job on all those stairs - making you STRONG!!!