Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lungs and head do not agree with running

I've been doing my best to keep active despite having been sick since New Years Eve. I've had a mild sinus infection and since it gradually seems to be getting better I decided not to return to the doctor and get a prescription. But the tooth pain every time my foot hits the pavement has been no joy ride. Besides my sinuses interfering with my workouts there are also my lungs that seem to really disagree with my legs as well. At the gym this week I upped my speed to 6.5 for the last sprint on the treadmill and lets just say my lungs greatly disapproved of this. Scott looked at me and decided it was a good time to critique me on my running form and that I'm too stiff. I used all of my will power not to deck him while I was wheezing and trying to catch my breath while cooling down. Maybe we could critique me after I find my lungs and my heart, thanks. I ditched the treadmill to do my strength training which all body parts and organs agreed with, thankfully. While Scott was finishing up his strength training I thought I would tackle the stair climber one more time. I do recall this kicking my ass last time I tried it. I was in a kick my ass kind of mood, so gave it a shot knowing that Scott was almost done. Seriously, who invented this thing? 8 minutes, 21 flights of stairs and I thought I was going to die. Had to go searching for my lungs once again.

My next race is February 20th for the Brazen Bay Breeze 5k, I really need to get my lungs back so I'm trying to focus on cardio as much as my body hates me for it. In between I'm loving our Wii Fit. Sydney and I do Yoga together and I'm hoping to try out the strength training exercises. I've tried the running (must remember to actually wear running shoes even to just run in place), bike riding (which is really just running in place) and it turns out I'm really good at Frisbee, which I totally suck at in real life. I'm really dying to get out and run with lululemon, but they run Saturday mornings. So I either have to beg more the grandparents for more babysitting or wait until March when Scott will have some weekends off.

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