Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Monday

While I have no problem running in the rain, I don't think Kylie digs it so much. So I saved her the cold and rain and took her to the gym, she much prefers Kids Club.

Why is that when the entire row of treadmills is available people like to get n the one right next to me. This happened twice today. The second time the guy was trying to decide between the TV with ESPN or ESPN 2, so he ended up getting off the treadmill next to me and get on the treadmill next to me on the side. Sigh, a girl can't win.

I'm still in a war with my lungs. I decided to take it easy and ran at 5.5 for about 9 minutes but then the last minute of my promised 10 I couldn't help but increase to 5.8, lungs not happy. I walked for 5 minutes and decided to try one last run for 5 minutes. This time I stayed at 5.5, lungs still not happy.

Did my usual strength routine but skipped the lower body stuff since I was determined to tackle the stair machine again. I told myself I had to last 9 minutes. I'm not going to get any better unless I keep pushing myself on this damn machine. Holly hell, I did it but barely. Literally on the last 30 seconds I felt my foot reach the last stair it was about to go under, oops! Don't fall off the stair machine, that would be really embarrassing. I was dripping in sweat but I made it 9:01. Next goal is 10 minutes.

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