Sunday, November 21, 2010

Week ten of training

It's difficult to imagine that I have gotten to a place where running 5 miles is considered a short run, I think my body is significantly protesting this idea.

I have a full week in on the new shoes, and while I think they are better than the previous ones, I think when you are running this much, there really is no magic shoe out there that is going to make you feel awesome.

I got all of my workouts in this week, although I mixed up my days a little to accommodate for the fact that my body was in much pain after last weekends 10k race. Needless to say, 5 mile runs midweek is not a great deal of fun. I saw Dr. Bill on Friday and than had to go run my 5 miles, not really how I would have liked to have done it, but some days you just have to roll with the punches. So yesterday ended up being my rest day and I pretty hung out at home all day with the girls and tried to take it easy. We enjoyed a really nice dinner last night by candlelight as we worried we would lose power last night due to the thunder and lightening.

I woke up this morning pleased to find the rain and lightening had passed through. Running in the rain was one thing, but my thought that running in thunder and lightening is probably not a smart idea. I donned all my gear and got ready for my 9 miles. The first 2 miles I had some shin pain (guess I forget to tape this morning) once that worked out it was mostly my lungs and head cold that fought me. I tried to take it easy and walked when I needed to in order to preserve my lungs and not start a coughing fit that once started would surely not dissipate. The fresh cold morning air was actually helping to keep my sinuses clear. It was around mile 5 that things started to go down hill. I had to go to the bathroom, and I was about 2 miles away from one. I worked on walk/run intervals as running seemed to put more pressure on my bladder, but running would get me to the bathrooms quicker. Once I finally made it the park I used the restrooms and filled my water bottles for the last 2 miles of my run. It hurt, at this point, my entire lower half of my body was saying f* you. The pain was bad, but I knew I was close to home. As I turned onto Ivy Drive for the last 1/2 mile of uphill I took a short walk break and than dug deep to just get it done. 1:44 including my stop at the park.

By the time I got to the house I was DONE and in pain. I did some stretching and made my way to an ice bath with my recovery drink. Apparently our fancy whirl-tub bath is not cut out for an ice bath, because I can't get cold water out of the faucet in there, I suppose if you wanted to take a hot bath, it would feel cold, but for an ice bath, it felt warm. My very sweet husband went and filled up a bucket of cold water from the kitchen sink and poured over me and than brought the ice bucket and poured that over me as well while the girls watched. Ice bath's always seem to draw a crowd.

It was a difficult week but it's done and now I have one more difficult week of training before I get to taper for race day. Sunday's always feel like a huge sense of accomplishment after my run is over, so now I get to enjoy the rest of the day.

Week end totals:

Run: 19 miles
Bike: 15.61 miles

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