Sunday, November 14, 2010

Game Day

You might think this a post about the Mermaid Run, but you'll have to wait for that. Last night the Oregon Ducks were in town playing the Cal Bears. My husband is Oregon Alumni, so for our anniversary I got tickets to the game. We were so excited to go.

I was a little nervous going into Bear territory with all of this green and yellow but my fears were quickly set aside as we got to Orinda BART only to find masses of Oregon fans. We arrived in Berkeley pretty early, so we decided to stroll through the campus as we made our way uphill to Memorial Stadium. I was starting to see the draw of the campus, it is very pretty. It was fun to see all of the Oregon fans and Oregon and Cal fans hanging out together. As we made our way to the stadium we approached Gate 2, we knew we needed to get to Gate 6 so we headed to the other side of the stadium. My thighs were burning from the uphill walk, maybe not a great idea the night before a 10k. We headed up lots and lots of stairs until we finally reached our seats. We were in the end zone along with all of the other Oregon fans. I feel for Cal, they need a new stadium terribly. The seats are so close together and the poor guy in front of me had my knees in his back almost all night, there was just no room at all. Cal has one jumbo-tron television. It sits behind the visiting team section, so we couldn't really see it. Not that it mattered because they never once replayed anything that was good for Oregon, and even the biggest play by Cal wasn't replayed. To make matters worse, you can't get a signal at all on your phone thanks to all of the concrete, this only became a real issue when standing in line 25 minutes during 1/2 time for the gross port-a-potties and the 3rd quarter started and I missed the biggest play of the game. I could hear yelling, but had no idea what was going on and couldn't even get on the web to find out either.

Overall we had a great time, although it didn't feel like a win for us. With Oregon averaging much higher spreads, a game this close was painful. We'll probably lose the number one spot for a game this close, but we're focusing on the next game.

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