Sunday, October 10, 2010

1/3 of the way there

Can't believe I just finished week 4 of my training. That means I just ran 5 miles, the furthest yet! In fact Lance Armstrong congratulated me on my furthest run yet, thanks Lance!

This mornings run actually felt much better than I expected. After a Friday night, girls night out of dancing in wedge boots I felt like I was doomed. Fashion and training just don't seem to mix well unless we're talking about my Lululemon work out clothes. I had to put compression socks on last night because not only did my quads hurt but my right foot was trying really hard to cramp up all night. Needless to say the first mile of my run was painful but once my legs warmed up, the rest went pretty well. I even ran up my street, the furthest ever! Overall it felt like a really good strong run.

Off for another build week!

Week end totals:

Run: 12 miles
Bike: 5.72 miles

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