Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Electronics malfunction

I guess when you begin to rely on electronics it becomes inevitable that at some point they will malfunction and wreak havoc on your workout. Apparently, today was my day. Scheduled for a two mile run this morning I headed out the front door with my heart rate monitor and my i-touch (recently equipped with the Nike+ipod application. As I started my run I was only about a block away from the house when the Nike+ just stopped working, no music, no nothing. I had to actually stop and reset my workout and begin again. Okay, I should be good. As I start running again, I look down and see my heart rate monitor is no longer receiving a heart rate. Crap! As I try to moisten the sensors on the belt, it still is registering as zero. Oh well, I stop the and restart the monitor and that seems to work. Okay, so all of my stuff is going to be a little off today as I try to run and adjust all of my electronics. Good thing, I already know my route and know where I need to turn around and I know where I can start my cool down walk. As I'm running down my street, I'm thinking that it seems weird that the friendly Nike+ lady has not come on to give my my mileage counter. So I hit the button which gives me an update only to hear that it's not actually receiving a signal from the monitor in my shoe and is only tracking minutes of my workout. Like I said, good thing I already knew my route.

After another frustrating workout with my i-touch I decide to google my shuffling music issue. Oh, seems at some point I accidentally selected the shake to shuffle option in my settings. So every time I run the i-touch thinks I'm shaking it and shuffles to a new song. At least I have that fixed! While I'm messing around, now is probably a good time to update my workout playlist, as mu runs get longer I'm going to need some good motivation!

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