Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hmm, lots to think about

As you know, it's difficult for me to sit idle. I promised myself after I left MADD that I was going to not dive into a bunch of projects, that I was instead going to focus on myself and determine what I really wanted to do with my time. so far this has been going well. I have decided to hold off on returning to my volunteer position at the hospital and have just focused on making myself healthy and happy. I've started by reading again, a lot. I'm like a sponge that just can't get enough. After the spring semester of school and working and raising my family, I wasn't able to read a non-textbook for months. I have more than made up for that fact and am reading everyday and loving every minute of it. I realized how much I miss it and how much it relaxes me. I have also started working on trying to form a workout routine to ensure that I am getting enough exercise every week. With the both kids in school 3 days a week, it has been a huge help. I try to take advantage of the days they are in school to get outside and run or (new this week) ride my bike! It make such a huge difference to break up the monotony of the gym. I than am trying to go to the gym on Saturday's and Sunday's and take the kids. This helps me get in those extra workouts and also keeps the house quiet for Scott so he can try and sleep.

So, I seem to be setting up a nice rhythm and  finding time for myself so that I am more sane than I was in the months of April through June. Of course, since I have found this nice rhythm I am contemplating "what's next". I have some pretty loft goals in mind but I haven't made a decision as of yet. I'm doing my research (since we all know I research everything until I am blue in the face) and will make a decision a soon. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time, I just have to determine if this is right for me and if I can try and stay sane, because afterall, staying sane, is my number one goal.

Stay tuned for more...

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