Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Dad got home around 6am and I woke the girls up around 7am to get ready for their big run. Sydney is an old pro at this, but today would be Kylie's first run. The Moraga 4th of July Run benefits Campolindo High School's track team and the the high school kids lead the little kids around the the course, so it's a lot of fun.

Stretching before the start of the race

warming up

lined up at the start line

Kylie is only 2, but I thought she might be a little sad that Sydney would get a medal and she wouldn't and she loved cheering Sydney on at her last race, so I asked her if she wanted to run as well, and she said yes! It is quite a challenge to run with a 2 year old and still try to get photos of your 5 year old running. So Kylie and I cut the course short to get ahead of Sydney and snap her photo.

Sydney looking strong!

After Sydney went by Kylie and I picked up with the rest of the kids and Kylie ran all the way to the finish line to get her medal!

I am super proud of both of my girls. I decided not to run today because I would have needed our double stroller which does not fit in my car, it was a little sad for me but watching both of my girls do something that I love to do myself was such a great feeling. Sydney wanted to do the 2 mile run, "Mom, we'll run with you!" I had visions of being about 1/4 mile in and having to carry both kids... we opted for breakfast instead.

I've been debating about bringing Sydney to the Jail Break Run this year because I would like to run it without pushing a stroller and the kids run is a 1/2 mile long and poor Syd was beet red after it last year! But she loves running so much, how can I deprive her.


  1. Hilarious photos! So wonderful that your girls are getting excited about something like this while they are young :-)

  2. Love this! It's so great that you're teaching your girls about these wonderful, healthy & fun activities while they're so young. And I love seeing how much they love it!