Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend fun

With school starting last week it's clear I need to find a new routine for my workouts. Somehow I thought it was all going to magically get easier when my oldest started school, um, yeah, not so much. I'm having to shuffle around what days I do what to be sure I can get to the pool on days when my youngest is at preschool, she only goes 3 days a week.Since I can take her to the gym to run on the treadmill or ride my trainer at home, priority needs to be put on the swims, so some switching around is going to have to take place.  At any rate, Tuesday's and Wednesday's workouts did not take place as I tried to juggle the back-to-school schedule with one very sad 4 year old who doesn't start school until Wednesday of this week.

I also decided to switch up my weekend workouts. Even though my schedule says to run Saturday and bike Sunday, I really love running on Sunday and it's easier because Scott takes the kids to the gym on Sunday morning, so getting up and going for a run is just so much easier on a Sunday. That means I sat on the trainer for 1 hour and 15 minutes on Saturday. Ouch! Thankfully I had Netflix and a Stephen King miniseries to keep me company, which seemed like a great idea until a dead women under a bed scene and I nearly jumped off the bike. Okay, maybe zombies are better than ghosts when it comes to riding the trainer. At any rate, I got it done and that in itself felt like an accomplishment.

Saturday night was Syd's swim team awards party. By the time Saturday night actually rolled around I was really unmotivated to go, even though we are doing Fall swimming, I feel like we moved on from swim team about 3 weeks ago when it ended. I bucked up and took the girls down. Thankfully they had coffee for the parents.

BFF's reunited
I have to say I never imagined that Sydney would make such a great friend and that her Mom and I would hit  it off so well. It sure made for a great summer for both of us. It's hard when you don't go to school together, but we're already planning our second slumber party.

Our pool (Moraga Valley Pool) has produced two Olympians; Matt Biondi and Heather Petri. Heather was a Sophomore at Miramonte when I was a Senior. She played on the boys water polo team and was instrumental in starting the girl's water polo team at Miramonte, talk about an inspiration! We talked a lot about Heather and the US Water Polo Team playing in the Olympics. Kylie actually sat and watched the entire gold medal match. Needless to say, the girls were beyond thrilled when Heather showed up on Saturday night to speak to the swim team.

Kylie was especially excited to meet Heather
Heather autographed the girls medals
Obliging the little sister in a photo op
It was really a great evening and I'm so glad we didn't miss it. 

Sunday brought my long run and I was so thankful to wake up and find fog and cool temperatures. Last weekends run had been a disaster that can be entirely blamed on myself and making poor choices. Coffee really is a bad idea before a long run as is running at noon on warm day when you fueled with coffee instead of water. Better planning and cooler temps brought a much better run and a sense of relief as it has been a long time since I actually enjoyed a run. I miss having running being my primary focus but I know it's all for the greater good! 

With the run out of the way that left all day to virtually spectate Ironman Canada where my friend Molly completed her 3rd Ironman with a 42 minute PR! Freaking amazing, I was smiling all day as I watched her times post on the live tracker. 

My legs are sore this morning and my shoulders are sore which is probably a result of sitting at the computer all day yesterday so I'm thankful today is a rest day. 

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