Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ignite Naturals Energy Gel

A little while ago I heard about Ignite Naturals and that they were giving away sample gels to try their products so I ordered some. I've always been happy with Gu gel's but I figured I would give something a try that was all natural and I was curious about the main ingredient of fig paste and what it has to offer nutritionally.

Since my training has shifted from long runs to multi-sport and short distances I figured I would try it out on the bike. I picked a day when I was riding the trainer for about an hour and figured it would be easy enough to consume a gel while on the trainer versus out on the road. My first thought was it didn't taste awesome, but it didn't seem too terrible. Then came the aftertaste. It's hard to explain but it left a displeasing taste in my mouth. I kept trying to take it in and found that it tasted overly sweet, like they were trying o cover up the taste with natural sugars. Ultimately I wasn't able to consume the entire gel so I wasn't really able to gauge the level of energy or success of the product when it comes to sports related nutrition.

I think they are on the right track with what they are trying to accomplish but I think they need to do some reevaluating of the flavors.

For now I'll stick with Gu but I'm always open to trying something new especially any natural products that make their way to the marketplace.

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