Friday, June 22, 2012

Swimming like a fish

I've been managing to get my swim workouts in twice a week now that my pool is available in the evenings. Slowly I'm able to swim a little bit further at each session. I keep reminding myself that it took me a really long time to build my run strength and speed so I have to be patient with myself when it comes to swimming. I've also been able to slow down a little in the pool and pace myself, it's not a mad dash to get to the end of the pool, it's endurance that I need to keep in mind.

It's been fun having my daughter swim on swim team and learning more about the sport in general. I'm amazed at her 1 hour workouts, 15 minutes of dry land workouts and 45 minutes in the pool. I guess I would be a pretty good swimmer if I was int eh pool that much.

Wednesday we had a meet and she popped both her freestyle and backstroke times. She's about 3 seconds away from a a bronze time in backstroke and seeing as how she has popped her time by 3-4 seconds at every meet in backstroke, I'd say she has decent shot at earning that bronze time.

My youngest had the option to participate as a Mini this year, but said she didn't want to and at four I wasn't sure she was ready. I had two different parent's comment today that she should be swimming on Mini's after seeing her in the pool. She is floating on her back and kicking, so we may have two girl's who specialize in backstroke in the house. At any rate, she'll be ready to swim next year after getting familiar with the entire process this summer and following her sister to all of her meets.

Some photos from her last meet.

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