Friday, September 30, 2011

I raced myself and won!

Since I shelled out the big bucks on the Forerunner 610, I figured I better start using some of it's fancy features. I added a couple of my usual paths as courses in the Forerunner so that I could race myself. It's silly, but I think that the motivation of a visual timeline pushes you to push harder than just going out and running.

After a particularly bad evening last night, I knew I wanted to hit the pavement work out my frustrations. As I've mentioned many times my out and back course from my house consists of 160 feet of elevation loss in the first one mile, wheeee! Of course that means that last mile is all uphill. In the past when I was training I would run out further so that I could use the uphill last half mile as a cool down. I have now decided that's a cop-out and even if I have to walk it, it's part of mileage for the day. So I've been working on charging the hill with run/walk intervals. Which also means I've had some seriously sore legs. Anyway, so I try not do exert to much energy on the downhill so that I have something for the return trip but I still managed to keep my average pace at 9:33. It is excellent motivation that the Forerunner buzzes you every time you are ahead or drop behind your pace. Overall I was able to really push it hard on the return trip uphill and managed to shave 50 seconds off of Tuesday's run.

On the downside I felt the extreme need to pass out or vomit once I got back, but that's all been worked out now as I finish my Chocolate Coconut Water.

Running Club starts Wednesday, so I'm kicking my ass now so that it's not so obvious when these 6 and 7 year old girl's kick my ass on the track!

Does this mean I need to thank the person who pissed me off.... nah!

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  1. Yay for the run!!! The person who pissed you off could use the high-five in the face with a chair though (you saw that on FB yesterday, right?).