Sunday, August 7, 2011

On the go

This girl has been on the go for sure! Friday was unusual trip to the gym for me as my husband normally takes the kids to the gym and it's usually my day off. He had some other issues to tend to in regards to his father's estate so I got a nice Friday work out in. The Fifth Disease has been coming and going in random appearances. Most recently the rash has reappeared and is accompanied by swelling of my hands and feet, reminiscent of being pregnant. I wasn't feeling up to a run but I did manage a 60 minute bike ride and followed it wit a really nice strength training session which I really needed.

The girls were spending the night at Grandma's so I had planed as much possible adult activity in our 24 hours of freedom as I could. It started with a movie (we haven't been to one together in years), we choose to see Captain America, which was really quite good. I didn't really know the premise so I didn't have any expectations, but we both enjoyed it. After our early movie we were trying to decide on somewhere for dinner, so many choices in Walnut Creek and without the kids we could really go anywhere. We decided on Flemming's they couldn't get us in for about 45 minutes and there bar was packed so we walked over to Tiki Tom's for drinks. It was a nice surprise that they had a live music which we enjoyed as I had a Key Lime Pie Martini. Once we headed back to Flemming's for our reservation was when the extreme indulgence began, I had a Porcini Rubbed Filet with creamed jalapeno corn and bleu cheese mashed potatoes. For dessert I had my favorite creme brulee. Let's just say I made Scott walk around downtown Walnut Creek fir about 20 minutes before even getting into the car I was so grossly full. I had this vague feeling of understanding the need to purge after a meal. While I haven't been dieting I have been trying to eat healthier and eat smaller portions and this meal pretty much did me in. I can't even begin to explain the amount of pain I was in the rest of the evening as my body protested the high fat content food. I have told Scott that I am now a "cheap date" and there is no need to take me to really nice expensive steak house.

Thankfully I was starting to recover by the next morning as we had a day of wine tasting scheduled with some very friends. We hit several wineries in the Livermore Valley, one being Ryhan Winery, that we discovered several years ago during the wine tour that takes place once a year in Livermore. In between wineries we stopped at the Underdog Wine Bar for lunch. While it was tempting to try some of the wines there with lunch we all stuck with water which was a sensible decision before heading to a couple of more wineries. I kept it light and enjoyed some wonderful crab cakes and Scott had these amazing pulled pork sliders. Small portions, small menu but the food was excellent and after the night before we really didn't need a large meal.

It was so great to have an awesome 24 hours to ourselves, it doesn't happen often and we crammed as much as we could in that time. I followed up my weekend of gluttony with a two mile run this morning. It's evident that I still have a long way to go to get back to where I was before I got sick, but it felt really nice to get out and hit the trail today.

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