Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day

I was only planning on a 1 mile run today with the 5k this weekend. I woke up and just was not feeling very motivated and thought, maybe I'll just ride the bike at the gym. Then I saw it was National Running Day and figured it would be a bummer to not run on National Running Day. I did a nice easy ride on the stationary bike for 40 minutes and convinced myself that no matter how I felt I could certainly survive 10 minutes of running. So, that I did, 1 mile with no music but I did manage to find a nice smooth treadmill (yes there really is a difference between that and a noisy one or one that shakes every time your foot lands causing a sensation of vertigo) and it actually turned out to be a rather pleasant 10 minutes after all.

I'm excited for this weekend's race, it's probably going to be cold, windy and wet. I am familiar with how cold and windy it gets along the Alameda Shoreline, so I'll be ready and we all know I prefer that to hot anyway. I'm also excited because two of my friends from high school are also running, it always makes an event more pleasurable when you do it with friends.... and champagne and chocolate. 

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