Thursday, February 18, 2010

I think I'll be running in the rain

It's been a difficult week for me, between the sinus infection and being sore from Pilates, for a few days I wasn't getting in the exercise I really need to be getting in. Yesterday was a gym day, but I couldn't muster the energy in the morning to get there. While I'm starting to feel better, I did have a low fever and I think my body just said enough, you need to rest. By the afternoon I was feeling better and Scott took the girls to the gym so I had some free time and decided to get out and run like I knew I needed to. Note to self: do not run the neighboprhood at 3:30pm when school is getting out. I nearly got creamed by a bus that had a stop sign but appeared she was going to California stop through it, luckily she stopped instead of hitting me. Did anyone notice that it was 75 degrees yesterday? Damn, running in warm weather is so much more difficult than running in the cold.

That brings me to the upcoming Bay Breeze 5k on Saturday. It's going to rain, so I guess I don't need to worry about how to dress. I'll be bundled up for sure. And I suppose I would rather run in the rain than in the heat.

So today is a rest day as I let my body heal from the hilly run yesterday but I did make a trip to my Chiropractor and it lokos like I'm back in shape and can go back into maintence mode, good news! Tomorrow will be a gym day but I'll be hitting the bike to make sure my running legs are in god shape for Saturday.

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  1. Well, it looks like you'll get a race in conditions you are trained for. Now, every so often, over-dress for your runs to get your body used to warm weather :) Good luck!!!