Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lafayette Reservoir Run

Thankfully, the 5k didn't actually run around the reservoir, that may have done me in.

This was my first race after injuring my knee from the trail run in August. My knee did fine, but this was a tough race for me. I had to take several walk breaks to get my hr down and finally at about the last mile I found a nice pace where I was able to maintain a decent heart rate. This was the first time I have a done a race with my i-pod, I'm not sure that I noticed any difference it having it, except I guess it helped to keep me distracted from the "are we there yet?" mindset. I had a couple of friends who saw a cheering group with bells and pom-poms and they thought that was finish line, and than realized it was further ahead. Funny, I didn't even notice them. I could see the red timer and was just focused on getting to the timer, so I didn't get distracted thinking I was done earlier than I really was.

This was a really fun race and very well organized. I'm not sure how I haven't done this one in the past, it's a huge community event. I think they were expecting over 2000 people between the 10k, 5k and 2 mile. And since it was all downtown it was awesome to have people lining the streets and cheering you on.

Hoping to get one maybe or two more runs in this year. Next up, race planning for 2010!

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