Thursday, April 10, 2014

April showers bring May flowers

Or perhaps April showers will hopefully help our drought.

April started with a bang! It brought spring break for the kiddos, extra dogs to walk for me and masters swimming. It rained most of spring break which meant my plan of taking the kids to the pool everyday didn't work out as well as I had hoped.

As much as I had hoped to ease back into masters there was no easing back in. It started with 2100 yards on the first day and 2300 the next day. Then there were descending 50's the first day of the second week. Coach actually made me time them to be sure I was getting faster and hitting the times he thought I should, which thankfully I was. Needless to say I am sore, so sore and have knots in my shoulder. Thankfully yesterday, he took it easy on us so I could get some recovery in.

The rest of the week has been figuring out how to get a Fictitious Business Name set up for my dog walking business and planning our upcoming charity event with Swim Across America. The kids are so excited! Kylie is going to swim 1/2 mile and Sydney is going to swim the 1 mile. They money they raise through Swim Across America will benefit UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital and Children's Hospital and Research Center in Oakland. Our favorite Olympian Heather Petri will be swimming with us again, which the kids are always excited about.

Other than that, Scott and I working on preparing for the Moraga Triathlon. I'm going to swim and run and he's going to ride the bike, so it should be a fun day!

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