Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

The end of 2013 is a blur! We enjoyed a great winter break with The Nutcracker, a trip to San Francisco and lots and lots of food! Christmas morning was great and fun, even if it did start at 5am. We did all feel a little hole in our hearts while Tacoma opened her stocking and presents by herself for the first time ever.

We are all ready for 2014 to be an amazing year. Tacoma is really adoring being the only dog in our household. She used to be the slightly annoying younger dog in our home. The best example I have is when she should start licking your nearest body part if you were paying attention to Ike and not her. So gross! Now that she is lavished with attention all day long, she no longer finds the need to lick random body parts, with the exception of when I come home from a run. She has also been most accommodating in not being angry with me when I come home smelling like other dogs.

I come home smelling like other dogs because I've started a dog walking business. It started out as a favor to friend whose two year old Bluetick Hound needed some bursts of energy during the day. We've been running together for a couple of months and I love it. I've never had a dog I could run with, so it's nice to have some company and the days that we walk with his brother are most enjoyable. Since it's going so well, I decided to make it official in 2014. You can check out my website here.

The other bonus of this venture is it fills the part of my heart that desperately misses Ike. I really wanted to get another dog, however Tacoma continues to prove that she really does not want another playmate (sorry Gilbert for always being so snarky on our walks together). I'm coming to terms with her feelings and I get my extra doggie love from my clients.

I'm working on my race schedule for the remainder of the year. I'm currently immersed in half marathon training, once I finish that up I'll transition into triathlon training. I immensely enjoying the time to  focus on running. It's my first love and I could sense the frustration throughout 2013 about not being able to focus on my true love. Winter also happens to be my favorite time of the year to run and our weather in California has been ridiculously nice (minus all the spare the air days).

Up next is the Foster City 10 miler series. I'll be running the 5k thanks to my friends at Corrigan Sports. They really are awesome and put on great events, I'm thrilled to be participating in this inaugural race. There is still time to register and you can still use my code for a discount if you need something to do this weekend!

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