Saturday, June 15, 2013


I've been a bad blogger, but the good news is it's because I'm busy being a good Mom, I hope.

As for most with children, the past month has been a whirlwind of end of school events, pre-season swim team practice and for us squeezing in Mini Mermaid Running Club. I have been so excited for summer vacation to start, until I realized I am more tired after our first week of vacation than I was in the end of school madness.

We started out our first weekend of summer with the fabulous folks at Mermaid Series. Friday night, I volunteered at packet pick-up, Saturday night we ran or rather walked the 5k with the girls and Sunday morning I completed the sprint triathlon.

I was very worried with the high temperatures on Saturday about the girls running a 5k. Lucky for us it was about 30 degrees cooler in Alameda than it was at our house. Not so lucky for us was that Sydney had a fever and a headache. She decided to go and give it a shot anyway. I told her no pressure, it should be fun and she could walk if she needed to. With this being Kylie's first 5k, I figured there would be lots of walking anyway.

They were all smiles before we started. As we waited at the start line we danced and had fun. Then we were off. The girls ran the first little bit of the course and then Sydney decided she needed to walk. I have to say, she was miserable, but she really wanted to give it a shot. There were times she wanted to turn around and head back but we just talked the entire time so that she would be distracted from her headache and the fact that she felt lousy. Scott walked with Kylie and she brought up several times the Boston Marathon bombing. We talked a lot about Boston after it happened but haven't talked much about it lately, so it didn't cross my mind that she might be nervous about crossing the finish line.

Sydney and I crossed the line and were welcomed back with cheers by Coach Heidi and Coach Meagan. I was super proud of Sydney for preserving and finishing on a day when she didn't feel well.

When it was Kylie's turn to finish, I thought she was being shy about hearing her name on the loudspeaker. For as outgoing as she is, she does have moments of shyness. I went out to run in with her only to find her in tears. She was really scared to the cross the finish line. I picked her up, gave her a big bear hug and we ran in together.

She seemed to get over her fears quickly when she realized there were cupcakes.

It was another great experience with the Mini Mermaid Running Club and the girls have even more shwag to add to their collection of mermaid gear.

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  1. Cupcakes really do help to make everything better :)