Wednesday, October 17, 2012


There has been a lot going on this month. Some good, some bad and some stress. Everyone goes through ups and downs and I guess how we pull through it is the test of character. I took about a week to feel sorry for myself, feel angry and be depressed. After that I decided one week of self wallowing was good and it was time to move on.

How do you turn it around? The hubby and I finally got some alone time which gave us the opportunity to actually talk (without being interrupted) to really share some things and gasp talk about feelings! I think he finally understood the amount of stress I was under and he admitted to being a little jealous of my situation. I tried to explain that being the family chauffeur is really not glamorous, but I get that I also squeeze in 6 workouts a week; swimming, biking and running and that part is "mostly" fun. I do keep trying to remind him that he has a pool, gym and track at work! Okay, getting a break to take advantage of those things isn't always easy but still. Just being able to talk through some things was a great help in my attitude. A movie, Mexican food and margaritas helped too.

On Saturday I watched the Ironman Kona World Championship all day long. I also got no funny looks or glares for doing so. Of course I set the laptop up in my daughters room and cleaned up (threw away) and organized her room, so I was sort of productive. Sunday morning I decided to go for a run. Something about watching Ironman inspires you to get your butt out the door and do your meager workout for the day. I had four miles to run and could have easily done my usual out and back from my house. I didn't want to though, I really wanted to enjoy my run and embrace those endorphin's. I drove to the park to run the trail. While it wasn't as easy as I imagined it in my head, it still felt great. Sometimes it's nice to know that you still have it even if you are feeling a little bit like a couch potato. The next day my legs reminded me that it had been awhile since I had run four miles with hills. That's okay though, the ache felt good.

Sunday night I was having a hard time sleeping and decided to check email, Facebook  the usual. I discovered an email from Trisports saying I had earned a hefty gift card for all of the usage of my referral code this summer. I was so freaking excited that I really couldn't go back to sleep! This meant that I could actually get a wet-suit! I knew eventually I would need to get one but it wasn't really an affordable option at this point so I just assumed sometime next year, maybe for my birthday. After lots and lots of research I decided on this. If all goes as planned it should arrive on Friday, as soon as I have the opportunity to test it out I'll let you all know how it's working for me. That being said thank you to everyone who has used my referral code! It's the end of the season and TriSports has lots of stuff on sale and you can still use my referral code YOX-S to receive a 10% discount. The best part? Free shipping on orders over $99!

Despite the fact that October started out rough for me things are looking up and I'm trying to embrace all the awesome things that are to come through the end of the year. From here on out it's all about having fun and enjoying my activities. It's been an amazing year for me, I hit every goal this year that I set out to accomplish and even a few extra ones! I'm looking forward to the last few races of the year being fun. No over analyzing how to get a PR, the last races of the year are for fun! Enjoy the scenery and take it all in, because if it's not fun why would I do it.

That being said my next event is a non-timed mud run. I'm doing the event with some other Mom's and looking forward to just being silly, getting muddy and having fun!

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  1. I'm sorry you hit a rough patch. But nothing like a new wetsuit to lift your spirits, right? I bet you can't wait to try it out!