Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm not even sure where to start, we've been so busy over here. This is typically a busy time of year for us as Kylie has an April Birthday, Sydney has a May Birthday and my Birthday is 4 days after Sydney's (my poor husband). Knowing that things would be hectic crazy, we planned Kylie's Birthday Party a week early at a dance studio where there was minimal prep work for me to do. I even got off super easy by having a former boss make Hello Kitty Cake Pops for the party! Yes, Hello Kitty, they were amazing and super yummy as well!

I just can't get over how awesome these were, and mess free! Check out her website to read her blog and for more details!I seriously wish I was this creative.

After Birthday Party madness it was time for my husband to head to Anaheim for a week of training. Funny how I used to be the one doing all the travel for work and now it's him. He's such a rookie, I had to check him in for his flight because he wasn't even thinking about it. We decided that with a room paid for it would be a great opportunity to take the girl's to Disneyland. We haven't taken a family vacation in long time, probably since I was laid off 3.5 years ago. We decided that we would surprise the girl's and fly down Thursday to join him in Anaheim and hit the park after he got out of class each day.

I didn't tell them until the night before that we were flying to meet him, and we didn't tell them until he got out of class on Thursday afternoon that we were going to Disneyland, they had no idea! It also saved me from having to answer a million and one questions all day, everyday about everything. I have to say they were amazing travelers since this was my first time flying by myself with them.

Three fun filled days at Disneyland wasn't exactly part of the training plan, but I made it all work and brought compression socks to help my tired legs!

Spreading the TriSports love at Disneyland!
We finally made it home Saturday night around 8:30pm to exhausted kids and dogs who were very happy to have us home.

Sunday morning I got up and logged my 10 mile training run. Considering this was a 10 mile run, I can't complain. I wasn't really sure how to handle my workouts this week knowing that 3 days in Disneyland would fry my legs. I ran my 5 miles on Tuesday, 30 minutes of biking on Wednesday and basically counted 3 days at the park as "endurance" training. In the end, this ended up being the best decision for me. I had fairly fresh legs for Sunday's run, I managed to eat well the day before despite travel, I could have hydrated better but it turned out to be a really great run with all things considered. We won't talk about mile 9 that was all uphill and hot and sweaty, 1 mile out of 10 that hurts is awesome in my book!

On to taper week! It's another busy week ahead, just taking one day at a time to be sure I cross off everything on my to-do lists before the big race on Sunday. I can't believe it's actually here!


  1. You did great! And now it's race week - woohoo!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun week! Hope to see you Sunday!