Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Multi-Sport

I have decided that it should be swim-bike-run-laundry. Can we consider laundry a sport? It feels like a sport over here. Just when I thought I had everything I needed to support my running habit with only one load of laundry a week of said running clothes, I decided to take up swimming and biking as well, what was I thinking?

A quick inventory shows one pair of cycling shorts, one pair of cycling tights and one jersey. Jerseys aren't a really huge deal at this point as I have plenty of technical shirts that I can ride in and I'm not riding super long distances yet so I'm not carrying very much on the bike.

As far as swimming I have one lap swim appropriate suit and lots of towels so I should be okay in the category. But really, how do serious athletes contend with the mounds of laundry, not to mention I have a husband and two girls. And by girls I mean, two girls who change their clothes several times a day! I should by stock in ALL.

While I'm doing a load of laundry I'd like to take the opportunity to brag about the kick-ass run I had today. My last three runs have been slog fests. On top of rain and wind my legs have been the equivalent of tree stumps lately. Particularly on Tuesday's run I experienced significant calf pain. I felt so disappointed after this run,  the first part of 1/2 marathon training is not supposed to be this painful, at least it wasn't in 2010. I realize I'm trying to heal an injury and increasing mileage, but really? Essentially my legs have been acting like it was time to swap in new shoes. But this can't be right. I started wearing these shoes in November and if I track my mileage on them, I'm at maybe 150 miles. If I go by the average miles run I should have more life left in these, but my body is telling me it's done with this pair. So today I donned my new Hurricane's that I bought about a month ago. Hmm, I had a kick-ass run. No significant leg pain and it was nearly 3 minutes faster than Tuesday's slog fest. It's difficult to believe that I need to replace my shoes that often but that seemed to do the trick. Let's be honest, I need all of the motivation and happy runs I can get, so I guess if that means replacing my shoes every 3 months, I guess that's what I need to do. Shh, don't tell my husband, my hobbies are getting really expensive!

Tomorrow is a rest day, yay! But wait, I'm starting my first swim training session. I'll be meeting with a coach on Friday's for the next 4 weeks to hopefully learn how to swim freestyle and actually breathe while I do it. So much for rest day. Saturday should be a hopefully nice easy bike ride. My lovely husband suggested 26 miles and I politely told him I only needed 40 minutes of cross training for the day and I'm sorry if that won't be a really nice workout for him. Sunday will be another nice challenging day. I will be volunteering at the South Bay Duathlon. I'm hoping to get there early so I can run the course and get my 5 miles training run out of the way before I report for Finish Line duties. Did I mention the time change this weekend? I'll need to leave my house at about 4:45am which will feel like 3:45am. Did I mention my husband thinks I'm crazy? It serves many purposes; 1. I get to see Molly race. 2. I get to observe a multi-sport event and gather ideas for myself. 3. As a Champion I get to wear my cool gear and spread the word! 4. I'll enjoy some different scenery on my training run. 5. I get to use my head lamp again.

While I'm at it, if you're like me and in need of more athletic apparel, because let's be honest, we all NEED more athletic apparel. Today and tomorrow X2U clothing and wetsuits are up to 50% off at TriSports. Check it out, there is some amazing pricing on this stuff.

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  1. Ha! Yes, the laundry gets to be completely insane. I have 2 baskets full of clean laundry sitting on my dresser that I haven't put away all week. And YES that's how my legs feel when it's time to switch running shoes - when I ran in the Mizunos I really did have to swap them out every 150 or so.