Monday, December 19, 2011

Dam Jingle Bell Dash

Fresh off of my 5k PR on Thanksgiving my friend Molly and I decided to sign up for the Dam Jingle Bell Dash put on by Wolf Pack Events. While it didn't fit in exactly with my current 10k training plan how could I say no to getting to run with bells on my shoes!

It's been pretty cold here in the mornings and Saturday was no exception. It was 38 degrees at my house and 35 degree's at the race site location. Despite the cold it sure was pretty.

Since I had just earned my first 5k PR in two years I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do, but in the end I decided that it was a Jingle Bell Dash and that I wanted to just have fun, so I wasn't going to try and earn a new PR on an unfamiliar course. Molly was kind enough to run with me and we chatted the entire time (okay Molly did most of the chatting as I did my best to run and keep up my end of the conversation!) 

Overall I felt like I handled the course well, there were some hills but nothing to big and while I felt like I struggled a little in the beginning as I felt out the course and tried to fall into a pace that felt comfortable overall it felt good and was pretty similar to my training runs that I've been doing pace wise. The bummer part is that my Garmin Forerunner 610 has been on the fritz. It lost the satellite signal right before the start and then died about .05 miles from the finish line. It's been reverse charging and all sorts of other weird stuff. I was hoping to be able to nurse it through the race but I ended up with no data and the Garmin is being returned for a replacement. 
As we crossed the finish line I clocked in at 32:41, 45 seconds off of my PR. Hmm... probably could have pushed harder out there to earn another PR, but I was happy with the day and happy to enjoy myself and not have the pressure to compete with myself. 

In fact it was such a great small race that I'm going back in January to do their 10k. I'm following a 10k plan but had not really made a decision about actually racing a 10k or just going out and running one on my own. Since this was a nice small and well organized event and close to home, it's hard to say no. 

Hoping I'll have a new Garmin back in time for for the race. I've grown very fond of it and am super bummed to be without it for a few weeks.

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