Sunday, April 10, 2011


Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself. I love to cook and eat and bake and eat. I discovered last weekend that one of the many reasons why I've been feeling miserable is that I don't have the time to cook and bake, and somehow being in the kitchen and cooking really relaxes me.

Last weekend I asked Scott if he would build me a veggie garden, for the past two years I've been using pots and we really have plenty of space for one, we just haven't ever taken the time to build one, I didn't know he was going to get to work so quickly.

Somehow with Spring finally having arrived and a veggie garden planted and with full citrus in the yard I became very inspired to find my happy place in the kitchen once again. It started with tackling the huge amount of meyer lemons we have. Mint lemonade, I may need to make more today because we have gone through almost the entire batch. Good thing I have plenty of lemons!

Not sure why this is sideways, can't seem to fix it, but you get the idea
Today I stopped by OSH to pick up more veggies for the garden, we already have tomatoes, bell peppers, chili's, zucchini, cucumbers and corn, so I picked up celery, onions and carrot seeds. Excited for when I can cook with all of this stuff. After my stop at OSH, I headed to the farmers market to pick up some fresh veggies and to the store to finish up with what I needed for the week.

As soon as I got home I got started on my day of baking and cooking. First on the menu was blueberry scones. These guys used two lemons worth of zest and juice, a huge accomplishment when you have so many lemons to use, Not sure how you can keep blueberries from turning your dough purple, Sydney gave these the stink eye when she came home, guess she won't be eating any of these.

For Christmas Scott got me a book called the Boozy Baker. Pretty self explanatory. I glanced through pretty quickly and saw Double Limoncello Poppyseed Cookies, score! Not only do I have lemons but I also have lots of Limoncello since I make it every year with our bounty of lemons. These suckers are good.

After being in the kitchen all morning I realize I'm pretty hungry. So it's time for a Caprese Sandwich.

I'm going to take a little break to plant the rest of my veggies in the garden before I start dinner which is Paula Dean's Oven Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and spring mix green salad.

Really in my happy place today.


  1. Limoncello is definitely on my list!

  2. I love caprese sandwiches - one of my favorites. I wish I lived out that way - I'd stop by your house to enjoy some of your delicious looking baked goods!