Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Brazen New Years Run

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love Sam and Jasmine of Brazen Racing,every race I have participated in has been awesome. This one was even better because it was a free race after volunteering at the Diablo Trails Challenge Race last year.

I will admit, the alarm went off and I was totally unmotivated to get up and go out and run, especially when I heard the rain outside. I got out of bed anyway and donned my warmest running gear and hit the road. I had already picked up my bib earlier in the week, so I didn't need to get there super early, but it's also better to leave the house before the kids wake up so they aren't sad when I leave. Needless to say, I arrived at the park at 7:30am for a 9:05 start time. I sat in the car for about as long as I could stand my boredom, trying to stay dry.

I grabbed my timing chip and tried to find the driest spot I could to wait it out, which turned out to be under a tree by the food tent. Turns out there was a very bad crash on 580 and they shut the freeway down, they delayed each race for 10 minutes to allow for folk to try and get into the park. While this is very considerate, it meant 10 more minutes in the cold for me.

View of the start/finish line

They had an amazing New Orleans Jazz band playing since there is no amplified sound allowed at the park, I must say, they were way better than any amplified sound they could have possibly had.

I watched the 1/2 Marathoner's take off, then the 10ker's before it was finally our turn to line up. Normally, I would be irritated with folks who don't actually start running until they cross the mat, today I was relieved. The grass was so soggy and muddy and by the time we started it was just a big slippery mess. Walking to the mat meant avoiding mad splatter early in the race.

I ran with my hood on for about the first mile, it was that cold.

Just a glimpse of me as I run by incognito

Overall, I felt really good during the race. Although the way out is mostly downhill that means the return is mostly uphill. The turnaround point seemed to come quickly and I was pleased to be making my way back. I think there were only 2 hills that I had to walk up, other than that I trudged up the others at a slow run pace. I was thrilled to see the 3 mile marker, but than I saw the finish line and realized either the course was long or they misplaced the 3 mile marker, cause it was for sure more than. .1 miles back to the finish.

Happy to be so close to the finish
Approaching the finish line was interesting, I had enough in me to sprint, but I was pretty nervous to sprint and slip and fall in the muddy conditions. I didn't want to be that person, who falls flat on their face or butt before they cross the line. So I kept a reserved pace assuring that I would stay upright.

It felt great to be done, it felt great to have those running endorphin's again. No matter how much I complain in the morning getting out of bed, this is a great way to start the New Year!

Official time 37:25. I shaved 3:25 off of last year's time. 1/2 marathon training and running in the Lamorinda hills really helped me beat last year's sucky time. I also came in 9/30 in my age group. All in all, a great day!

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  1. Woohoo for kicking last year's time in the pants! And top 10 in your AG is AWESOME! Way to go, Meredith! :-) This was like a nice little after-party for your 1/2, look what those legs can do now!