Tuesday, September 14, 2010

answers and week 1

My lab results came back yesterday that once again I tested positive for Group Strep B which in turn caused a bladder infection. Really? This is the third time I have tested positive for it in the past 5 years. It got me thinking after some research this is more than likely what caused my uterine infection and eventually sepsis after the birth of Kylie. They were puzzled at how I developed a uterine infection one month postpartum, they basically guessed that I had an e-coli infection that moved into my uterus. Looking back I think it's more likely that that the Strep B is what started it all. My doctor wanted to induce me to make sure I could get at least one round of antibiotics in before I delivered Kylie. Since My first labor had only been 5 hours she was very worried about me making it to the hospital in time to get those antibiotics. Sure enough, 2.5 hours after breaking my water Miss Kylie arrived. While I did get one dose of antibiotics in and Kylie spent so little time in the birth canal she escaped any harm herself. I didn't think to be concerned about it, because Strep B doesn't typically cause any harm to an adult unless you have a compromised immune system.

I am on antibiotics now and I'm hoping this will cure all of the ickies I have had for the past few weeks. I'll go back and redo my blood work in a couple of weeks to see if the infection is what triggered some other off results.

On to today's workout. Today was my first run of week 1 of training! It sucked! Treadmill running is just not fun for me, especially for 3 miles. I've discovered that I may need to wear my glasses on the treadmill. It's easier for me to focus on something while running on the treadmill to distract me, TV, the theater across the street, people.. whatever. I'm noticing I am having a hard time doing this which is causing me to get dizzy. Guess maybe I should wear my glasses, I wear my sunglasses outside to run, so wearing my glasses on the treadmill should be okay, right? I'll give it a go next week. I had to take a couple of walk breaks, which irritates me, since I didn't have to do that before I got sick! But I keep telling myself it will come back and just cover the miles!

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