Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taking the next leap

I've been sitting here all morning doing lots of Internet research on what I want to do next, I know I need to keep up on a training program of some sort to keep me motivated and interested in running and exercise in general. I found this really cool super-sprint tri that sounds like something I could maybe do, but I also don't want to be naive in the fact that no matter what the distance putting it all together is a challenge, and I suck at swimming! Oh and I have a mountain bike and not a road bike, oh and that super-sprint tri is in 4 weeks. Ok, back to reality.

I think the next logical step for me is increase my running distances. So thanks to Kirsten who sent me Hal Higdon's 10k plan, who apparently received it from Molly (bunch of pushers I tell ya!), I will be embarking on a 10k training program. This seems to be the most logical step, with the plan I can incorporate swimming and biking on my non-running days and maybe once I tackle this feat, than I can focus on a super-sprint tri.

Don't get too excited, I haven't signed up for a 10k yet. I'm going to continue with my schedule of 5k's (assuming I can still find appropriate child care) and once I have completed training than will search out that perfect first 10k race.

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  1. Running is nice because you can do it anywhere, anytime. Minimal gear involved, just lace up your shoes and go. Building distance there sounds like a great way to increase your base some more while you figure out what else might be next!